• Meet the Plinth

    The Plinth will hold your tablet, portrait or landscape, in 2 typing positions, and three viewing positions.

    Even better, you can use it with any case or cover.

  • The size of an iPhone

    Measuring only 115x65x10mm thick, and weighing only 50g, Plinth slips easily into pocket or bag.

  • Deploys at the touch of a button

    The Plinth is ready for use at the touch of a button, and springs into action ready for you to get to work.

  • Perfect for travel

    Wherever you go, Plinth makes using your tablet easier and more enjoyable

  • Made in the UK

    Plinth is manufactured in the UK from tooling funded by the Kickstarter campaign.


I invented the Plinth tablet stand because I couldn’t find a decent tablet stand to hold my iPad whilst working, reading or watching a video, and which was really stable but would also go in my pocket. I have been working on it for over a year, and after many prototypes and testing, think I have an exciting solution.

Having explored various possibilities for bringing the design to market, I have decided to have a go at manufacturing and marketing the product myself. I launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise enough money to tool and launch the product – all of which is being done in the UK; the way Kickstarter works is explained below – and is very exciting.

Plinth is now in production and is available at myplinth.co.uk

Unleashing the power of people – what is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a website which advertises creative projects, made by people like you and me who are hoping to gain support so that their idea can be made a reality.

It uses a business model called ‘crowdfunding’ – everyone promises to chip in a small amount ONLY if enough other people also chip in enough to make it happen. It is a no-risk way of getting new ideas to the market without relying on big corporations who want to take all the profit and control how things are done.

It is very exciting, and whether or not you are interested in my tablet stand design, I invite you to have a look at www.kickstarter.com to see the range of creative projects seeking a life.

Please have a look. I hope you like it.

Visit the kickstarter project HERE